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Let's start with Cracked Windshields.

The main reason you should not drive around with a Cracked Windshield is, if you would have a head-on accident with your car, the windshield is what will keep you from flying out of your vehicle if you did not have your seat-belt on. Or even if you have a rollover, the windshield helps keep the roof line from collapsing in on top of you to save your life. If the windshield had a crack in it, that would be the weak point of the windshield. This is the reason we all ask you to get your Stone Chip Repaired as soon as possible, to prevent a Cracked Windshield.


*** Let's take a piece of cardboard that has not been creased, It is much more solid and can take more stress and abuse. Now crease it just one way, you just lost the strength of the cardboard and it has no support at that point. That is your windshield after it is cracked..


Can you see what we are saying? This is the pitch one of our old DPS officers used as he was giving you a warning ticket to get your Windshield Repaired or Replaced. Safety First

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