Now let's talk about Headlight Restoration.


The UV coating gets eaten up pretty bad out here because of the hard UV sun-ray's we have in Southern Arizona. I have heard we are the worst on UV sun rays than any other State.


Between the UV sun rays, car exhaust, hard water, Dust devils or the chemicals from the car wash eating away at the clear coating on the headlights they can get a heck of a beating.


Someone read it was from the light-bulbs doing all the damage... If that was the case it would all be on the inside of the headlight... Well, it is not. The only damage the light-bulbs can do is produce to much heat inside and cause stress cracking if the heat can not get out due to the bad eaten up top coat. It has nothing to do with the Headlight coatings breaking down.


Did you know:

The factory baked on UV coating from the factory only last 4 years. Now you have to ask your self, How does an aftermarket headlight coating that is applied UV cured or air dried last longer than a factory baked on coating. It can not. Not in Arizona. A product may last 3 - 4 years if taken care of on a regular base, but not out here. We are lucky to get 1 - 3 years only if we maintain them on a regular base.


I have been testing a lot of top quality commercial coating over the years. Even for companies testing their product for our area. Most have failed after 1 year. The one I show on my own truck made it two years with me NOT doing anything for it. No protection polishes or waxes. I do it for a reason to show you all how long a product will last out here if not maintained.

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